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- Tim Gray

"Going Green" is not just a slogan at Timothy Gray Building and Remodeling; it is the future of Cape Cod home building and remodeling based on the limited resources and restrictions that we encounter on every build on Cape Cod.

If you are looking for high-quality renewable products to use in your next new home of remodeling project, Tim Gray can work with you to find the best products and in your price range.

Here is some great info on "Going Green":

5 reasons why to go green

  1. It improves the indoor air quality of a home.

  2. It lowers pressure on the envoronment through the use of materials that are renewable and sustainably harvested.

  3. It reduces the use of water throghout a home, therby lowering demands on freshwater sources and the energy-intensive infrastucture required to pipe, store, and purity it.

  4. It reduces pressure on the waste stream by being manufactured from recycled or recycle-able materials.

  5. It reduces the "carbon footprint" of a home, including the energy burned to generate power or manufacture the home's componets.

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